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About Yee Kee

In almost every state in Malaysia, there lives a cuisine which is synonymous to the state. Mention assam laksa and you’ll think of Penang, taugeh chicken and Ipoh comes to mind. What about Seremban ? 

Well, Seremban Beef Noodles of course. Touted by many as one of the best beef noodles in the country.

Seremban Beef Noodles had very much been a part of Seremban local heritage.

It all started in the 1930’s when Mr. Poon Yee from Hainan Island’s Dai Dong Po village in China, set foot in Seremban. He brought with him a unique recipe for preparing beef noodles which incorporates scrumptious ingredients such as tender beef slices, beef jerky, beef tripe, pickle cabbage, sesame, peanuts and green onions and most importantly, its delicious thick beef gravy.

He started selling the beef noodles in the old Seremban Market ( which had been demolished ) and the response what phenomenal. The locals liked the taste of the beef noodles and before long, his beef noodles were widely known in Seremban.

Mr. Poon Yee named his stall Yee Kee, which roughly translates to “ Yee’s Restaurant “.
Seremban residents fondness for beef noodles remains strong and the name “ Yee Kee “ grew synonymous to beef noodles. Yee Kee Beef Noodles became a landmark of Seremban.

After the war, the secret to preparing the beef noodles was passed on to his daughter. She opened a restaurant in Temiang over 30 years ago to a warm reception by the locals. 

Now, Yee Kee is into its 3rd generation. With modernization and our desire to better serve loyal customers, Yee Kee has evolved into a new conceptual restaurant with better interior for better comfort. 
In 28 July 2007, Yee Kee, open its doors to customers with a new concept.

Most importantly, the traditional family secret for making beef noodles is being passed on, assuring customers that in each bowl of beef noodles served, it is still of the original taste.

Yee Kee aims to provide customers with a simple, clean, comfortable and modern environment serving the traditional beef noodles. Yee Kee is the first modern full-service restaurant primarily serving primarily beef noodles in Seremban. Customers crave tradition but like it even better when its air-conditioned and clean. The beef noodles are made to the exact recipe and style of the old days. This, in itself, is a living heritage.
Yee Kee has a strong desire is to be a part of Seremban and with over 80 years residing in Seremban, Yee Kee already had its roots planted deep here. 

It has been Yee Kee’s objective to be able to serve beef noodles to people of all races. Therefore, since the first day of operation, Yee Kee has been pork-free. We are proud to be serving all walks of Malaysians daily.

In 2009, Yee Kee has been awarded “ Premis Makanan Pilihan “ by Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Sembilan. Only a handful of restaurants received this award in the whole of Seremban. This is a big recognition for the restaurant as we aim to maintain a high level of cleanliness and to provide good service to our customers. 

In July 2011, Yee Kee 2nd outlet is opened in the growing township of Seremban 2.


Signature Beef Noodles Dry
Signature Beef Noodles Soup

From the Press

We were fortunate to get invited to showcase ourselves in BFM.

The interview was conducted on 9th July 2013.

Please click below to listen.

Yee Kee in BFM - Ivan Lau
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